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We are happy to answer questions! 

 We’ve collected some of our frequently asked questions to help you with the process! 

How do I get started?
With a simple phone call.  We will set up an appointment at the potential project site, to give you an estimate for your project.  There is no fee for the initial consultation.
What do I need for the first meeting?
Your ideas, goals, and budget are a great start!  If available, a land survey will expedite zoning reviews.
I've had the initial consultation, now what?
Brown & Glynn will define the scope of the work and create a quote based on the discussions. Typically, you should receive the quote 7-10 days after the initial consultation.
How does Brown and Glynn know what to quote without a complete design plan?
We will assess the project as presented in discussion, and advise you regarding the process you will use toward attaining your goals.
What if we want to make changes to the proposal?
The proposal is only the beginning. It is expected that improvements/changes will be made throughout the planning and construction process. Revisions are addressed by change order to the contract. Major changes may require substantial changes to the projected budget.
Do I need architectural plans?

It depends on the scope of work on your project. Most construction jobs need architects plans. We are happy to work with any architect you choose.

What are your payment terms?
We expect a deposit of 5%, and 4 – 6 payments throughout the construction process at predetermined intervals.
Who is responsible for applications and fees?
Brown & Glynn will complete the forms and apply for permits. Once permits are approved, the homeowner will pay the permit fees in their municipalities. Brown & Glynn will coordinate all inspections.
How long before work can start?
After plans are finalized, and permits have been issued, work can usually begin within two weeks.
How long will my job take?
Based on the scope of your project, Brown & Glynn will give you a projected start date, as well as a projected completion date.
What is not provided by Brown and Glynn?
Interior decoration, landscaping or seeding, painting or carpeting.

When we leave your property, the exterior will be cleaned, the topsoil properly graded for you to landscape. The interior will be broom-clean, ready for you to paint, carpet, etc. We will be happy to recommend companies we trust for additional services.

Who will supervise my job?
Depending on the scope of the project, there are a number of Brown & Glynn supervisory personnel that may be assigned to your whole job, or just different portions of it. All supervisors will be introduced to you as they become involved with your project.
Does Brown and Glynn use subcontractors?
Brown & Glynn personnel have expertise in many of the trades required for completion of your job. For larger jobs, (e.g., additions), portions of the work will be subcontracted (e.g., electrical and plumbing) for speed and efficiency.  All coordination of the subcontractors will be handled by Brown & Glynn.
How is clean-up and removal of construction debris handled?
Clean-ups are made on a regular basis by Brown & Glynn employees with Brown & Glynn trucks. Construction debris is removed from the job site as soon as possible.
What happens if there is a special occassion or holiday during my job?
In many cases, phases of the job can be scheduled around the occasion,  with the understanding that the completion date may be affected.

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